If you would like to speak to someone who has taken part in a mindfulness course to see if you think mindfulness can help you, then please ask me and I will contact some past partipants and I am sure someone will be happy to speak to you.

"Life changing. Having spent a lifetime (and a fortune) learning and practicing various techniques from psychotherapy to medication and everything in between, this course brought the whole lot together - for the better. A real lightbulb moment and massive cog in the wheel of self discovery. I’m less aggressive, less reactive and far more aware of where my decision making comes from." S.M Oban

"I have lived with physical pain for many years. The mindfulness course has eased it considerably. I am not in the same pain and I am not adding to it by worrying about it. This has been so helpful for me."  S.S Oban

"This mindfulness course is without doubt life changing! Finishing the course I feel I have learnt so much that helps me keep calm, relaxed and focused in the midst of the daily challenges of busy life. If you were not sure whether to try it then my advice is definately do it!"  R.S Oban

"I found the Mindfulness course to be fantastic.   Having suffered from depression and anxiety for years it has been life changing and so refreshing to have some mental peace and a break from the incessant torrent of thoughts and self critical whirlwinds.  It has helped give me some tools I need to be able to better respond to life's issues and more importantly given me a powerful perspective into who I actually am.   Thank you Claire - your  teaching has been wonderful, full of insight and very clearly communicated.  I will see you again soon!"  K. M Argyll

"I found the course extremely beneficial, not being in a good place when it started. It doesn't take much effort or time to feel the benefit but you have to put in regular practice. Claire has obviously sound knowledge and has a really easy way with her which helped everyone to feel at ease and allowed all to share their feelings and experiences". W.A Argyll

"You can tell it is a passion and not just a job for Claire. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and gentle and teaching comes naturally to her. Having lessons with her has been more beneficial to my life than I could have ever imagined. Everyone should learn mindfulness."  A. L Argyll

"If you are considering doing the MBSR 8 week course then just do it! Everyone can benefit from it. You have to experience it. I strongly recommend it and it was beautifully delivered by Claire - Thank you!"  A.M Argyll

"I can honestly say, the 8 week course has been life changing. I have been able to lower my blood pressure. I am so much calmer and less quick to anger. I am more patient and kinder to others and myself. I would definitetly recoomend this course to anyone seeking to de-stress, cope better with difficulties and live a healthier, calmer and happier life." M.A Argyll

"I recently completed the MBSR 8-week course. Before starting I was worried about the time investment, but from the very first minute, I realised that to the contrary it would be one of the best time investments I had ever made. I loved every session and have benefited hugely from Claire's knowledge, insight, wisdom and general loveliness. I was also apprehensive about taking such a class with others but there was nothing to worry about that either." C. W Argyll

"Thank you, Claire, for running these courses.  You have a very gentle and probing way that allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to be able to share part of my story.  Please continue!" S.W. Argyll 

"Heartfelt thanks to Claire for her empathic and skilled running of the course, it has been life changing for me". B.B Lochgilphead
"When you enrol on this course you will be starting out on one of the most wonderful journeys of your life. So take a deep breath and do it. A great course taught by a wonderful kind and generous person. Enjoy every moment". J.S Oban

"Thanks Claire for a super course which I have enjoyed but more importantly I know it will make a difference to my life". S. M Lochgilphead

"This 8 week MBSR course is life-changing. It enables you to become aware of your own mind and its unique pattern of working and it gives you the ability to train your mind so your life can be very much improved. Knowledge and understanding are very powerful tools, especially when they are about yourself! Claire is an excellent teacher, who guides you, gently but with strength, through this wonderful exploration of your mind and shows you that you have the tools within you to truly change your life for the better and to make the most of every experience and every day. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to improve their life, not only for their own sake but also for the sake of others in their life." F. C Argyll.
"My mind used to be so busy having endless thoughts and by learning mindfulness, I have fewer thoughts and am not ruled by them. This helps me to feel more relaxed and calmer. It is a huge wonderful change."  V.H Oban

"Thank you Claire for your hardwork. I have found the course to be life changing." J. L Argyll

"I found the Mindfulness Course hugely beneficial in helping me to reflect, stop, breathe and gain some tools to deal with triggers for stress in my life. I continue to practice and the benefits continue to improve my life and my relationships. Claire's kindness and calm approach helped us as a group to engage with the learning from mindfulness, as well as gaining individually and collectively from the strong sense of support and kindness. Huge appreciation and gratitude to Claire for bringing the course to Mid Argyll". A.C Campbeltown

"Claire is blessed with an open, bright personality and friendliness that is required to engage with people at this level. She communicates well, which makes us more receptive to learn. She is a good teacher but more importantly is supportive and a good listener, which enables us to get the best out of the Mindfulness program. All in all she made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, thank-you Claire." D. A Argyll

"I highly recommend the 8 Week Mindfulness Course with Claire. It opened up a new and deeper appreciation of how life can be lived and enjoyed more richly by paying attention to the present moment. I can see a difference in my attitude to lots of things. And sincerely thank you, Claire, for your lovely gentle, caring and patient approach to all of us". M.K Argyll

"I have recently finished the 8 week one to one Mindfulness course with Claire using Facetime as I live in Cornwall. It felt like we were in the same room and was not awkward at all. I have definitely felt the benefits of mindfulness in my daily life and this course has enabled me to achieve tackling some difficult situations. Claire has a gentle and intuitive way of teaching and she is always thorough in her approach to each class". K F Cornwall.

"It is evident in each class how much effort and time Claire has put into it. Her teaching and the handout sheets are very thorough. I highly recommend her as a teacher."  A. R Argyll

"I feel much happier since doing mindfulness with Claire. My husband and family have noticed a big difference - they say I am more relaxed, I don't get worked up like I used to and that I am easier to be with! I can cope with a tricky member of my family (who used to press all my buttons) which has made life so much easier. Thank you so much indeed. G. R Argyll

"Since doing the mindfulness course I am happier, less reactive and sleep better. I am kinder to myself and others and can appreciate something in each day. Thank you." J. H
"It has been a privilege to have Claire as a teacher, I can wholeheartedly recommend her classes". L.R Argyll

"We are very lucky to have such a dedicated, competent teacher here in Argyll. I have completed a one-to-one course with Claire that was phenomenal. The amount of work that she put into the course to tailor it to my needs was evident. I think anyone would benefit from a course with her." S.T Argyll

"I have been fortunate enough to sit in on many & varied Mindfulness taster sessions but never have I experienced anything quite as effective as the one with Claire. She has a gift in presenting the method in a more accessible format than most & enabled me to change my own time spent practicing into a more effective time. The position of her 'studio' is just the most perfect spot & separation from all things technological helps step away from the world & sink into the practice. I can't recommend her as a teacher more highly. "  G. P York

"My home life and my relationshop have improved dramatically and my husband says "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!" I can cope with difficulties that I struggled with previously" R. T Argyll

"Difficulties that used to stress me out I can now let go. I am not so affected by things that used to wind me up. This is better for me and my family. I can appreciate the small things in life which makes the day more pleasant. Claire is gentle and an inspiration and a great teacher." S. L Argyll

"I have benefited in so many ways from learning mindfulnes from Claire. What has been particularly helpful for me has been exploring difficult communications - it has transformed a very problematic relationship. Due to communicating differently the relationship has dramatically improved for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you Claire." S.L London

 "Claire has a lovely manner, gentle yet clear, inviting an exploration of moment to moment awareness which is very helpful. "  K.M Argyll

"My life is richer from practising mindfulness. Thank you Claire for your clear and kind teaching." T.S Wales

"My Chronic Fatigue has greatly improved since doing Claire's mindfulness class. I am much more aware and can see when I am going downhill and I know what to do to stop that happening. I am very grateful. Claire's gentle approach is wonderful." T. P Argyll

"I really enjoyed my first introductory Mindfulness session with Claire. She was clear and attentive and I found her instruction simple to follow. It was easy to keep focussed throughout, and the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing at the end of the class was extremely rewarding. I feel very encouraged to be able to apply her Mindfulness practise into my everyday life, with increasingly positive results!"  K. Bevan, Cornwall

"I have really enjoyed the Mindful Movement classes. I noticed I was more relaxed even after the 1st one hour class and each class thereafter has helped me to be calmer and appreciate the small things in my life. Claire has inspired me to continue with mindfulness and it definitely helps me in my life. "  L.B London

"A welcome escape from the rush of daily life, Claire taught me tools to make that life less manic on return. A friendly teacher and great introduction to mindfulness". O.P London