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10-3.15pm in Oban

Sometimes people wonder if a day will be too long and tiring as a taster session but I have always found that afterwards they have said it was a good amount of time to get an understanding of mindfulness and was not too tiring.

The day is open to beginners as well as to those who already practise mindfulness. Beginners will not feel out of their depth and those who practise mindfulness already will not feel held back in any way.

The day will provide a solid introduction to mindfulness to those who are new to mindfulness practice and for those with more experience, it will provide an opportunity to deepen their practice. There will be instruction and guided practices and we will explore how mindfulness can help us and experience how it works.

There will be alternate sessions of mindfulness practices and Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner connecting mind and body. Tai Chi is movement done mindfully and scientific studies show it has many health benefits.
Kevin Brown will be coming from near Edinburgh to lead the Tai Chi. He has been practising and teaching Tai Chi for many years and is an excellent teacher. 

Biscuits, coffee and different teas will be provided - please bring your own lunch. The cost is £50 for the day’s retreat (concessions available).

To Book 

Please call 01852 300073 to book or for more information. 



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