One to One (or 1:2) Reducing Work Related Stress

This course will help to reduce the amount of stress you feel. It will be tailored to your specific needs. You will learn how to reduce the stress as well as how to feel comfortable with any that you do feel. You will learn different practices that have been shown to reduce stress effectively. These can be done during the working day in the office to help you cope in everyday life and they will also help you not to feel overwhelmed. For those that are close to burnout this course will help re-energise you and show you a way you can work in a healthier way for the future.

If you wish, Claire can give you home practices to do that you can use whenever you can feel yourself becoming stressed or anxious.

Google have found that since introducing mindfulness into the workplace, their staff are less stressed, personal productivity has increased and there has been an improvement in listening skills, focus and relationships in the workplace. It has also greatly reduced the number of days that staff take off due to ill health.

Claire can conduct this course in your own home or office space (local to Oban, Argyll) or you can come to her studio on Seil.

Call 01852 300073 for prices.