Mindful Movement Classes

Mindful movement classes 

Gentle movement classes that include some mindfulness principles to help us be more present in our lives, reduce stress and be more relaxed.

If you have an injury you will only do movements in a safe way for you.

Learn different mindfulness principles through gentle movement which help to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

Learn to be more relaxed and cope with many of life’s difficulties. Learning to live with what we have to.

The classes involve gentle movements suitable for any age or ability. The movements can be done sitting down or standing and none of the movements are done lying down.

The classes teach participants how to translate mindfulness into everyday life – to being in the present instead of getting caught up with our thoughts or worries.

This course is beneficial on its own or as a foundation for the 8 week MBSR course.

Claire runs these courses in Oban and Seil a few times a year but she can also conduct these classes in your own home (local to Oban,Argyll) or you can come to her studio on Seil. If you are unable to attend due to poor health, location or work schedule, Claire can conduct Mindful Movement classes by Skype or Facetime.

Please call 01852 300073 to book.