Mindfulness in Business

This course can be run at a business premises with up to 20 people or one or two people can come to a class in my studio on Seil.

Through bringing mindfulness into the workplace, businesses have found it has :-

Improved Productivity

Increased Sales

Improved Work/Life balance for their staff

It has also helped the staff :-

Communicate better

Have better working relationships

Have better focus and be less distracted

Be less stressed

Be less overwhelmed and be more resilient

Take less sick days

Be happier

Google and other large companies have seen enormous improvements in the Company and their staff since introducing mindfulness into the workplace. One of the many benefits that Google have experienced is that staff have become less confrontational, more open and more careful and considered when they speak.

The course will be adapted to the specific needs of the business whilst teaching the mindfulness practices so there can be real change in the working environment.

Please email or call 01852 300073 to discuss.